In Android Kattappa, SoubinShahir played the lead role: Android Kattappa

In Android Kattappa, SoubinShahir played the lead role: Android Kattappa

SoubinShahir has become one of the leading actors in Malayalam film industry. He has worked in a lot of great malayalam films that got famous in the last couple of years like Sudhani from nigeria, Ambili and also appeared as a guest actor in the movie Trance. Now Android Kattappa has gained a wider appreciation among Mollywood with its intrinsic storyline that made the film reach millions of viewers across the world. This is one of the best south Indian movies online and you can watch the Android Kattappa movie online only on aha in Telugu.


The story revolves around two characters BhaskarPoduval and Subramaninan (Chubban) as father and son. Poduval is a hard headed old man who does all his works at home by himself without relying on the advancement of human evolution as he believes that technology is the only thing that is destroying the authenticity of humanity. While on the other hand, Chubban becomes a mechanical engineer and will be offered a job in a Japanese technological company in Russia. Poduval doesn’t like the fact that as he’s got old, he might die anytime soon and if his son leaves now, no one will be there beside him to take care. Poduval opposes the idea of his son going to Russia but Chubban appoints a caretaker and goes to russia. Chubban finds a japanese woman who is interested in him from the beginning as she sees him talking in malayalam. Her name is Hitomi. Hitomi’s father is malayali and mother is japanese. That is the reason she was interested in the Malayalam language and their lifestyle. They both get into a relationship and Chubban gets a call from the village, his friend says that the caretaker whom he appointed is not good and suggests to remove her. Seeing Chubban sad, Hitomi offers a AI robot saying that the robot has helped her father who went through Alzehimer’s all alone. Chubban takes the robot to his father but he rejects the offer. But slowly as robots starts to understand his life, starts to serve beside Poduval and learns all the natural methods of living life. Poduvaland robot starts to build a relationship where poduval starts to call the robot by naming it as Kattappa. Seeing the bond they both are building, son gets uncomfortable with a belief that such a relationship will only lead to a destruction. He believes that robots and human can never create a bond like humans can. What the film to know what he does to save his father.

Artists performances:

  • SoubinShahir being one of the most famous actors in recent times, never forgot to bring out the originality of its characters.
  • Even though KendyZirdo is a foreigner, she did great in her acting while being dramatic and original at the same time.

Cast and Crew:

Actors: SurajVenjaramoodu, KendyZirdo, SoubinShahir

Director: RatheeshBalakrishnanPoduval

Producer: Santosh T. Kuruvilla

Music: Bijibal

Writer: RatheeshBalakrishnanPoduval

This is one of the best Telugu movies online and you can watch Android Kattappa movie online only on Aha.